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I'm Karen Docherty. As a psychic medium & mentor, my mission is to use my ability to bring you comfort, understanding and healing.

The loss of a loved one brings with it grief and leads us to ponder questions about the afterlife. It's something we all experience and endure at one time or another.

There are many unanswered questions but one thing is absolutely certain, your loved ones still care for and look after you as they continue their journey in the Spirit world. 

I am blessed to have the ability to connect and communicate the word of Spirit, and to teach others to do the same. When you hear what they have to say, you can begin to live a life free of worry.

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One-to-one Consultations

Looking for a one-to-one?

Due to the long waiting lists and vast area Karen covers, all private consultations are held online via Zoom. Telephone Readings are also available. These incredible sessions gives you comforting and supportive space to receive messages from your loved ones or Spirit team. Offering guidance, reassurance and evidence of the world beyond our own, you will undoubtedly find this to be an awesome experience that brings calm and clarity to your life.

Join me at my live & online events.

  • Psychic Skills Workshop - Mains Castle, Dundee
    Psychic Skills Workshop - Mains Castle, Dundee
    Sun, 22 Oct
    Carnoustie Guide Hall
    22 Oct, 11:00 – 16:00
    Carnoustie Guide Hall, 59 Yeaman St, Carnoustie DD7 7AW, UK
    22 Oct, 11:00 – 16:00
    Carnoustie Guide Hall, 59 Yeaman St, Carnoustie DD7 7AW, UK
    Beginner and Intermediate levels welcome. Buffet lunch included.
  • An Evening Of Mediumship - STONEHAVEN
    An Evening Of Mediumship - STONEHAVEN
    Wed, 25 Oct
    25 Oct, 19:15
    Stonehaven, 26-27 Market Ln, Stonehaven AB39 2BB, UK
    25 Oct, 19:15
    Stonehaven, 26-27 Market Ln, Stonehaven AB39 2BB, UK
    "Genuine, warm beautiful honest soul - if you only ever see one medium in your life make it Karen, you won’t be disappointed."

What my clients say...

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"I had my first reading with Karen just after my Mom passed. I am certain that my Mom was communicating with Karen while we were Face Timing because she was so accurate with everything she told me. Karen is the real deal for sure. She's kind, understanding, patient and comforting. I was so impressed I immediately bought a reading for my best friend's birthday. I have recommended Karen to everyone I know and i'll be scheduling regular reading from now on!" - Janet

Develop your own psychic power

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As a medium, I understand the value and importance on holding a space in which to teach and guide others. A medium, in broad terms,  is simply a messenger who has practiced attuning to Spirit and accommodating communication. It's my mission to provide a genuine, meaningful mentorship that will truly assist you in connecting with your essence. In doing so, we create more capacity to heal and serve, which not only enhances our lives, but the lives of others too.


​In this mentorship you'll meet with me 1-1 on a regular basis, as we work to develop your understanding of psychic connections, self development, Spirit communication and the mechanics of mediumship itself.


There are so many of us out there who strive to provide healing to others, let's do it together and create an impact that lasts.​ If you're reading this and feel in your heart of hearts that this is right for you, I encourage you to take the next step and complete the application below. ​

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